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Frequently Asked Questions

What roofing services do you offer?

We provide a range of roofing services, including residential shingle roofing and residential metal roofing installation.

Can you explain the benefits of shingle roofing for homes?

Shingle roofing offers durability and aesthetic appeal, enhancing your home’s protection and curb appeal.

What sets your metal roofing installation apart?

Our residential metal roofing installation provides longevity and energy efficiency for your home.

Do you offer gutter installation services?

Yes, we specialize in gutter installation to protect your home from water damage and foundation issues.

Can you explain the advantages of leaf guard installation?

Leaf guard installation keeps your gutters debris-free, preventing clogs and water damage.

What types of siding installation do you provide?

We offer various siding installation options to enhance your home’s appearance and insulation.

Do you handle window installations as well?

Yes, our services include siding & window installations to improve your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Can you assist with decking projects?

Our deck installers create outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend with your home’s design.

How can I schedule roof repair services?

Contact us at (865) 438-5050 to schedule roof repair and maintenance to keep your roof in top condition.

What makes your roofing company stand out?

Our roofing company is known for quality workmanship, exceptional service, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Are you experienced in shingle roof installation?

Our experienced team excels in shingle roof installation, ensuring a durable and appealing roofing solution.

Do you handle roof installation projects from start to finish?

Yes, we manage the entire roof installation process, from inspection to completion, providing peace of mind.

Can you assist with roofing installation for commercial properties?

While our focus is residential roofing, we do offer roofing installation services for select commercial projects.

How do I choose the right roofing material for my home?

Our experts can guide you in selecting the best roofing material based on your budget and needs.

What’s the warranty on your roofing installations?

We offer warranties on our roofing installations, ensuring long-term protection for your investment.